With so many churches to choose from, Antioch stands apart from others because the entire church (families, unmarrieds, young and old) worships together in spirit, in truth, in a less formal, and less scripted setting. We seek to recover genuine life in Christ from all that is called "church" today. We also desire to make a difference in the lives of all those we encounter in our everyday lives. You'll find mostly young to middle-aged families and unmarrieds seeking genuine faith when you visit.

Antioch is a non-denominational, independent local church that is unaffiliated with associations, corporate bodies, or movements. While Baptist in theology, our services emphasize time together, without the pressure of the clock, or a performance orientation to worship. Our desire is to be real people, with real problems, who recognize we are each a work in progress, seeking to make progress. We gather together realizing our need to meet with the living and true God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and become more like Him!

Instead of dividing into age segregated or needs oriented groups and programs, we stay in our services together, young and old. We love and encourage one another, give testimony to God's goodness, pray, sing, learn and labor together to make the grace of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ known at home and abroad. Some who have joined us were a bit intimidated by concern for their children's behavior during the services. We know, we've been there!

You'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly children respond as they learn to worship with you, and how patient and encouraging we are during the transition! While we encourage and enjoy families remaining together in all our services, regardless of age, an unmanned nursery is provided for moms who wish to tend to their young children's needs.

The Lord Jesus Christ is central to our own lives and families. We believe that holiness, the home, and the house of God all must be emphasized, balanced, and maintained for a healthy and productive life - we seek to integrate all three in all we do. Perhaps you'll join us on this journey. Each week we spend time working through books of the Bible, considering and conforming to all that God says (holiness). Each week we have a service devoted to family instruction (home), and of course prayer, praise, preaching, various ministry endeavors, as well as a Bible Institute to train those who desire to be edified and equipped for the work of the ministry (house of God).

You'll find our services simple, sincere and striving to balance an abundance of time in prayer, praise and the proclamation of God's word. Don't be in a hurry, we're not!

We meet on Sundays at 10:00 am for "Family School". This is like Sunday School, only it is a time of instruction concerning issues relating to family, marriage, preparation for marriage, and the raising of our children. After a short break, we meet for our Sunday Service at 11:05 am for prayer, praise and preaching.

We gather again on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm for prayer, praise and instruction from the word of God, and a healthy dose of mid-week fellowship and encouragement. Once a month, we also enjoy a fellowship meal and one-hour Bible study after the Sunday service.

It was said of the earliest church that the "disciples were called Christians first in Antioch" and that when that local assembly of believers was visited, the grace of God was seen there. It was also said that "the hand of the Lord was with them: and a great number believed, and turned unto the Lord."

It is my sincere desire and warm invitation that you visit and not only find a friendly welcome, but also a sincere body of believers in love with Jesus and each other, earnest in prayer, praise, and in pursuit of the souls of men, edification of believers, and in everything, at all times, the glory of God, that you too can call Antioch Anabaptist Church your church family.

Blessings to You,

Pastor Steven Pawley